Another crypto-skeptic USA senator gets on the loosened, with Democrat Jon Tester frankly specifying that he sees “no reason why” crypto should exist.

Tester is the elderly senator of Montana and has held a seat there because 2007. He also offers on the Senate Banking Board, which is one of the key players involved in the continuous discussion over U.S. crypto regulation.

Throughout a Dec. 11 appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press, Tester argued that as crypto has no genuine value whatsoever, the market shouldn’t be regulated, as that would give it legitimacy.

“It’s not had the ability to pass the smell test for me. I have actually not had the ability to discover anybody that’s been able to clarify to me what exists aside from synthetics […] which implies nothing,” he said, adding that:

“The issue is if we regulate it, and I aimed this out to a few of the regulatory authorities here a week or more earlier, if we managed it, it might offer it the ability of individuals to think it’s genuine.”

In accordance with such reasoning, Tester after that took place to state that he sees “no reason why this things need to exist” at all.

The crypto neighborhood had not been reluctant regarding banging the senator’s anti-crypto remarks and also his self-admitted lack of crypto knowledge, with individual @BS0064 sayingthat it’s “constantly great to see individuals who have no concept what they’re speaking about to express really strong point of views on the issue.”

Also, @blocknonprofit said, “it is genuine … visualize all those cryptos are simply technology stocks not traded on traditional exchanges used today.”

Tester’s most-recent annoyed remarks come just a couple of weeks after he told media start-up Semafor that the sector was “all bullshit” and that he can’t “figure out what sustains it.”

Semafor’s Dec. 1 article was likewise littered with unfavorable crypto positions from a lot of Democrat senators, with crypto-hater Elizabeth Warren entering tough by keeping in mind: “ultimately, there are more people blowing the bullshit whistle.”

Bernie Sanders was at the very least extra polite, stating that he’s “not a huge fan” of crypto.

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Commenting on the post via Twitter, Semafor Washington editor Jordan Weissmann suggested that since the FTX debacle went down, “Dems all of a sudden do not hesitate to say what they really think of the crypto sector.”