Puma registers ENS domain, changes name to Puma.eth on Twitter

The sporting activities company added
the ENS domain name to its growing
collection of NFTs, joining Nike as well as Adidas in the metaverse.

Some of the benefits of an ENS name include being able to receive any cryptocurrency, token or blockchain-based asset, in addition to being able to direct to a decentralized internet site and also to store profile information like an avatar, email address or Twitter handle.Puma’s ENS name is one of numerous NFT-related steps that the company has made recently. ENS ‘rival, Unstoppable Domain names, has over 2 million domains registered, according to the company site, and also it just recently launched its very own single-sign-on service for Ethereum and also Polygon called Login. As even more and more DApps, purses, exchanges and also markets support NFT usernames, Internet 3 individuals are significantly embracing decentralized URLs for electronic identities.