An emergency update was launched to all Lightning Network’s LND node drivers on Nov 1., after an essential insect created LND nodes to befall of sync chain. This was the 2nd crucial insect experienced by the network in much less than a month.

According to Lightning Labs, programmer of the Bitcoin Lightning Network, some LND nodes stopped syncing as a result of an issue with the btcd cord parsing collection. The hot repair (v. 015.4) was launched nearly three hours after the break. The launch stated:

“This is an emergency situation warm repair release to fix a bug that can trigger lnd nodes to be not able to parse specific transactions that have a large variety of witness inputs.”

As per the issue on GitHub, non-updated nodes will certainly be at risk to destructive network closings when transport timelocks run out in 2 weeks. The insect influenced only LND nodes, making the present chain state obsoleted, although repayments deals were still offered. Some variations of electrs were likewise influenced, according to another issue on GitHub.

The insect was activated by a programmer dubbed Burak on Twitter, with a message in the transaction stating: “you’ll run cln. and you’ll enjoy.”

Burak was also responsible for triggering a comparable pest on Oct. 9, when they created a 998-of-999 multisig purchase that was declined by btcd and also LND nodes, leading to the being rejected of the whole block and all blocks complying with the purchase. On the very same day, Lightning Labs released a patch to fix the issue.I just did a 998-of-999 tapscript multisig, and also it only set you back$4.90 in transaction fees.https:// CvBHaRAqPu– Burak(@brqgoo )October 9, 2022 Related: What is the

Lightning Network in Bitcoin, and also just how does it work?On Twitter, users suggested that it was time for an LND pest bounty program: Vicious takedown of LND lightning nodes