Today the penetration of basic principles and benefits of using blockchain is everywhere: it can be encountered in the game and entertainment industries as well as in the most important activity spheres of society – health care, education, personnel market, payment networks, and investments, and even in the organization of the electoral process. The form of attracting investments into such spheres has changed as well – having gone from writing business plans and supplying them to banks to be presented in the offices of leading venture funds to rapid development of digital circuits of crowdinvesting funding called ICO in the professional sphere. In other words, investing has come to full tokenization of this important process. At the same time, already in the period of its formation and early development ICO caused resentment from a number of regulators, disappointed investors and the expert community. The reasons for this are simple – the same economic laws operate in a world of crypto-currency venture investments just as in the sphere of traditional classic startups: 90% of all beginnings are going to be closed because of a number of reasons – lack of financing, absence of necessary experience and skills in the team, while sometimes just the irrelevance of the product or service in the market. Systemizing all of its cumulating experience in the investment sphere, OnPlace focused all of its attention on one prioritized direction of developing financial markets, chiefly through the ICO mechanisms – investing into the businesses of closed private companies. We can say with absolute certainty that investment into private IT companies has become one of the most reliable ways to get a high return percentage on investments in a relatively short period of time.
Investing in private companies