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Project for purchasing shares / share of Chinese company Xiaomi

Автор проектаOnPlace Inc. analytical division

The owner of this block of shares

Company Xiaomi Inc.

Xiaomi Inc. - a Chinese company founded by Lei Jun in 2010.
'Saami' was founded by eight partners on 6 April 2010. August 16, 2010, Xiaomi officially launched the MIUI firmware based on Android.
The first smartphone, the Mi1 was announced in August 2011. It comes with a built-in firmware MIUI, based on Android, combining the signature styles of Samsung TouchWiz and Apple iOS. In August 2012 Xiaomi announced the Mi2 smartphone. There was a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro APQ8064, 1.5 GHz Quad-core Krait chip with 2 GB of RAM and a graphics processor Adreno 320. 24 September 2013 the company announced the sale of over 10 million Mi2 devices over the 11 months. Some devices Xiaomi are produced in factories Foxconn, which produces Apple's iPhone and iPad.
In September 2013, 'Saami' announced the smartphone Mi3 on Snapdragon 800 (MSM8974AB) and the version on the chipset NVIDIA Tegra 4. 25 Sep 2013 'Saami' has announced plans to open its first flagship store in Beijing. In October 2013, Xiaomi has become the fifth mobile brand in China.
Company nameXiaomi Inc.
Business typePrivate company
Year of establishment2010
Headquarter locationBeijing China
Business sectorconsumer electronics / manufacturer
Number of employeeUp to 8000 people
Main products and serviceThe ecosystem is composed of MIUI, Smartphones, Bicycles, WiFi routers, Fitness tracker. Portable Battery, Action camera, Headphones, Accessories, bathroom scales, loudspeaker system, water Filter, rice Cooker
Business capitalization (according to the latest data from open sources)$45 billion
The company's activity began with the development of Android-firmware MIUI. In 2011 was released its own phone — the first device with MIUI pre-installed initially, competitive specifications and a low price.
In 2012 was released the second smartphone with higher specifications, but also released an improved version of the Mi1 Plus. Xiaomi Mi3 was presented in September 2013. Also was presented the first TV of the company - Xiaomi MiTV. The results of the first quarter of 2014, the company took the 3rd place in terms of sales of smartphones in China market (11 %), ahead of Apple (10 %). In the world the company ranks no 6 (3.8 %) and shows a steady growth.
In may 2014, the company introduced two products: the long-awaited MiPad tablet and 4K is a continuation of the TV MiTV 2. In July 2014, during the annual conference, the company announced the next-generation smartphone called the Xiaomi Mi4, and also announced the release of the sixth version of the firmware based on the Android OS — MIUI. On the conference was presented the first 'smart wristband' by company MiBand.
In the third quarter of 2014, Xiaomi for the first time in its history, came in third place in the world in sales of smartphones. In 2015, Xiaomi has released the first action camera Yi, which is declared to be a competitor to the GoPro. Also in 2015 was presented smartphone Xiaomi Redmi Note, Mi Note, Mi Note Pro, Redmi Note 2, Redmi Note 3, Redmi 2 and Mi4C. From accessories was provided a water tester and a small Bluetooth speaker box Xiaomi MiFa.
In February 2016, was presented the flagship smartphone Xiaomi Mi5. The device is equipped with a 5.15-inch Full HD display, Snapdragon 820 chipset, battery capacity of 3000 mAh and built-in button 'Home' fingerprint scanner. The largest amount of RAM and ROM is 4 GB and 128 GB.
In March 2016, was presented the first 'smart' Bicycle company: Xiaomi QiCycle R1. It is equipped with a frame Mitsubishi T800 carbon fiber and high-tech electronic transmission that provides ultra-smooth shifting and capable of working up to 40 hours from internal battery.
At the official presentation of 27 July 2016, the Chinese company introduced the first laptop under its own brand — Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air.
Xiaomi said that the goal of the company for 2017, among which is fourfold of increase the number of physical stores, up to 200 retail outlets, increasing presence of Xiaomi in the world, deepening of research in the field of artificial intelligence, and online financial services.
4-year yield is350%

Financial key indicators

The net income of the company Xiaomi is growing rapidly: sales of smartphones and net sales for the first 4 years since its establishment showed the following trend: 2013/ 2012 +95%; 2014/2013 years +180%; 2015/2014 years +66,7%; for 2016, growth is projected at a more moderate +12,5%.
During 2011-2014, Xoaomi growth rate of devices sales consistently exceeded by 100% figure (grew by more than 2-fold over the period).
At the end of 2015 was noted some lower growth, and the company lost the leading position in the Chinese gadget market.
Analysis of production line development, and support of pay services for a given period allows to expect to restore high rates of a sale growth, and return of revenue volume for Xiaomi in the near future.
Even though operations of the company is profitable, however, to conduct a full analysis of profitability indicators is not possible because of the confidential nature of information. Future IPO of the company is possible, this is typical for Chinese companies to publicly offerings of leading it will enable it to raise funds to strategic investments level and to adhere the goals of improving the profitability of the operating business, and to further increase in capitalization.
Source: OnPlace estimates and forecasts is based on data from open sources.

Xiaomi main investors

Xiaomi has raised approximately $1.5 billion in 6 rounds from venture capital, and private investors .
The largest investors of the company are TATA Group (the founder and Director of the RATAN Tata), Qiming Venture Partners, Morningside Group, Qualcomm Ventures, DST Global, IDG Capital Partners.
The minimum entry threshold for investors is not disclosed. Valuation at the moment is ranges from $5 000 000.

Current and expected capitalization Xiaomi

If assuming as pessimistic case scenario assessment of income growth rates for the previous period of (+15 %) , than we can expect an increase in net income of Xiaomi in 2017 up to $25 billion.
The market multiplier value revenue/capitalization for demonstrating high growth profitable companies in the sector (e.g. Apple Inc.) is estimated at the level of 3.0.
Basically estimate the income of Xiaomi in $25 billion, and the value of the multiplier for vendors companies expected capitalization of the business is estimated at $75 billion, and have the potential of growth from current level up to +65%.
Source : https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/xiaomi#/entity

Total indicators of investment effectiveness in Xiaomi Inc.

Company nameXiaomi Inc.
Business typePrivate company
Headquarter locationBeijing China
Minimum investment threshold$5 000 000
Current capitalization$45 billion
Expected net of clean profit in 2017$25 billion
Market value multiplier revenue / value of the business at the beginning of 20171,0-3,0
Expected capitalization growth in case of IPO$75 billion
The profitability of investment in Xiaomi Inc.Up to 65% per yer
Additional information
Company nameXiaomi Inc.
Essence of the projectXiaomi Inc. shares purchasing in announced investment round (company valuation $43.9 billion.)
Investment date in Xiaomi IncDecember 2014
Investment amount$5 000 000
Purchased stake0,0114%
Payment period and initial income payments to investorsThis project does not provide payment period and initial income payments to investors
Investment purposeXiaomi initial investment growth from positive dynamics of main indicators, and coming out on the stock market IPO (Initial Public Offering). The basis of the growth will be the continued international expansion of electronic devices, and company services, increasing sales of its main products, profitability improvement in operating business, and increasing stake in the market of mobile devices and software owned by Xiaomi Inc.
Estimated current value of investments made in the company Xiaomi Inc$5 150 000 (+3%)
The expected growth in the value of investments made in the company Xiaomi Inc$8 250 000 (+60,2%)
Цель минимум5 000 000 $
Максимальная цель5 000 000 $
Доходность за годup to 65%

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